Sponsoring Families with the Help of Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer

One of the important elements of Canadian immigration system is family reunification. Family is important and it can be very tough when you get separated from your loved ones.

Family Class Sponsorship

Under the Family Class Sponsorship program, the Canadian government helps to bring families together. In fact, it even gives top-most priority to the procession of sponsorship applications.

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There are many options available for the citizen or a permanent resident of Canada to sponsor their families or relatives and help them to bring them to Canada. Through Family Class Sponsorship, family members can also gain permanent residency.

So if you have made up your mind to apply for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in order to bring your family members to Canada, you will need to keep a lot of facts in your mind. For example, you can sponsor spouse, dependent children, conjugal partner, adopted children, parents, and grandparents. They will also need to prove that they will be able to financially support the family members and so on.

Requirements of a Sponsor

  • A sponsor needs to prove that he/she can financially support the family members.
  • The sponsor must enter into an agreement with the Canadian government and the sponsored relative where the sponsor should agree to support the family member for certain period.
  • Sponsor must be 18 years of old.
  • Sponsor should not be a bankrupt.

Legal Help Is Necessary

Although the government prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications, a slight error can lead to refusal of the application. Thus, in order to reap the best benefits of it, taking legal help is mandatory.

How A Lawyer Can Help?  sponsorship immigration lawyer

Hiring an experienced sponsorship immigration lawyer in Canada can help clients to walk through the complicated process of gaining permanent residency for the family members. They can help clients in submitting applications to the CIC. They will ensure that the form you have provided on behalf of your spouse, parents, grandparents, etc are processed quickly.

Many people who try to fill an application may leave out important details or documents. This might result in the application getting returned or rejected. Resubmitting applications because of errors often slows down the immigration process. This is where immigration lawyers can be very helpful. They will try to make immigration to Canada very easy and error free.

Ways in Which Immigration Lawyer Reunites Families

Immigration lawyers can help clients to navigate the process of navigation and family sponsorships so that you can get reunited with your family members within a short span of time. The immigration lawyer will try to prove that the individual/ family member who is being sponsored for a permanent resident visa is a member of the family class as it has been defined by the Canadian government.

Sometimes filling the application is very easy. However, some glitches can come in their way, such as medical issues. A skilled immigration lawyer can easily guide clients during the medical process and ensure that a quick outcome is achieved.

If you want to bring your family to Canada, it would be advisable to take the help of an immigration lawyer who has experience in dealing with family sponsorship applications.

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