Reducing Your Jail Time with Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Are you facing a DUI charge or a Sexual Assault charge or any other criminal charge? Whenever you are facing a criminal charge, you should immediately take the help of legal counsel. Legal counselors in Toronto will try to ensure that the accused person gets a fair judgment in the court. After all, facing any kind of criminal charge can be very devastating.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, any kind of criminal offence is treated seriously. If convicted of the charge a person can face severe punishment. Thus, one should take the help of a skilled Toronto criminal lawyer in order to fight the criminal charges. Moreover the lawyer will do their best in order to get the sentence reduced and even dropped.

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Criminal Charge Can Be Very Serious 

In Canada, when a person is charged of a criminal offence it can be very serious. This is because it can tarnish the reputation of the person. A person gets a criminal record which can be very bad for their career. They can lose their present job or may not be able to get a decent job in the future. Moreover, some criminal charges can even restrict the movement of the accused person to other places and even in foreign countries. Well, all these things can be easily avoided, just by taking the help of a criminal attorney.


Why A Criminal Lawyer Is Best For You?

When charged with a crime, many people might feel tempted to fight the case on their own. However, they should take the help of a Toronto criminal lawyer. Criminal law being complex subject can be very difficult for a person to handle unless they know the law and legal jargons very well. The lawyers have dealt many criminal cases before. Hence, they can easily handle the case by providing the best defense possible. Moreover, they will be able to negotiate the case in a better way than anyone else.

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Criminal Attorneys Can Get the Charges Reduced

Criminal charges are usually classified under felonies or misdemeanors. The former can result to a jail term for 1 year, latter one can lead to a jail term more than 1 year. However, a Toronto criminal lawyer can help to shorten the jail term of their clients. They can shorten in any one of the ways. They are:


  • Errors in the Charge

Mistakes can occur during arrest or during carrying out investigation. A skilled attorney can easily examine the case and try to find out flaws in the case. Any loopholes in the case can be used to reduce the charge.

  • Good Behavior

Individuals who have corrected their lifestyle and have displayed good behavior can help in reducing the jail time. Basically, a skilled Toronto criminal lawyer can easily convince court to reduce their sentence.


When you have been charged with a crime, you should get in touch with a Toronto criminal lawyer. They can not only help you in defending you from the charges but keep your rights protected. If you are found guilty of first offence, with the help of various steps they will get the sentences reduced.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Will Ensure Your Application Is Not Rejected

When you plan to immigrate to Canada, you might think whether there is any need to take the help of an immigration lawyer or not. Although, IRCC recommends that there is no need to take the help of an immigration attorney, but if one does so they are committing a great mistake. If you want that your immigration application is not rejected, you should take the services of a Toronto immigration lawyer.

Why Take the Help of an Immigration Attorney?

Many immigrants might wonder whether there is any need of taking the help of an attorney. After all, it is simply filling out a form. So why should one take the help of an immigration attorney. Often, it has been seen that mot applications are filled with errors or incorrectly filled.

Thus, in order to avoid any kind of errors with the application it is extremely important to take the help of an Toronto immigration lawyer. The immigration attorneys having years of experience can easily guide clients in correctly filling the application. This will ensure that the application is not rejected.

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Canada: A Best Place for Immigration

It is a known fact that Canada is one of the hotspot countries for immigration. It offers better living opportunities and improved growth for immigrants. Even though millions of people might plan to immigrate to Canada but not everyone are successful. A lot of application is refused or rejected.

So if you are applying for Canadian immigration for the first time, you must take the help of Toronto immigration lawyer. The attorneys can help to avoid application rejection.

Help with Application Process

Canada is known for its improved immigration process. When one talks about visa application, one gets to hear about visa rejection. In order to ensure that the application goes through the process smoothly without any form of rejection, taking the help of a skilled lawyer is important.

The lawyer can help the immigrant to file immigration form correctly. Moreover, the immigration lawyer will ensure that all documents are provided with the application. Most importantly the lawyer will ensure that the immigrant qualifies for immigrating to Canada. In case an immigrant plans to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, then the lawyer will ensure that the immigrant qualifies the given criteria and eligibility.

Moreover, a skilled Toronto immigration lawyer can guide the applicant through the online application process. He will ensure that the applicant chooses the right program and apply accordingly. According to a skilled attorney filling the application without proper understanding the terms, can lead to rejection of application.

He will make sure that you have verified your documents and submitted theme before time. It can automatically increase the chance of getting application approved. After that the immigration attorney will make sure that a proper background check is done so that application is not rejected.

If an immigrant is an amateur, it would be better if one takes the help of a Toronto immigration lawyerThey attorney can help an immigrant with each and every step of immigration. Thus, following the steps can avoid an application from getting rejected.

Appealing For Revoke of Status with Immigration Lawyers

Appealing For Revoke of Status with Sponsorship Immigration Lawyers

In Canada, a foreign national or a permanent resident may be subjected to revocation. They can also be considered inadmissible on various grounds and their staying in Canada beyond the stipulated date is seriously objected. Studies have shown that many immigrants are arrested at the border and are asked to be removed from the country for failing to meet the residency criteria.

CIC provides a list of categories based on which a person can be considered inadmissible. The various categories are:

  • Security reasons
  • Violation of Human or International Rights
  • Criminal Record
  • Financial Reasons

When a permanent resident or a foreign national is found inadmissible, in context to Canadian Immigration, it results in removal order. Canada’s Immigration System is governed by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. There are 3 types of removal orders. They are:

  • Departure Orders
  • Exclusion Orders
  • Deportation Orders

Revocation of Citizenship

The immigrant visa petitions may be abolished at the discretion of the Canadian authority or under some circumstances. For example, the citizenship authorities may ask a person’s citizenship to be revoked if they come to know that the person’s permanent residency was obtained via fraud.

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Who Has The Right To Appeal?

Usually, permanent residents of Canada have the right to appeal to an immigration decision.  In some cases, a foreign national can have the right to appeal against the removal order issue.

A foreign national is basically a person who is not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. On the other hand, a permanent resident is a person who has been allowed to stay permanently in Canada and he/she may become a Canadian citizen later on.

Kind of Decision That Can Be Appealed

  • Permanent residents who have received removal orders have the right to appeal against that order.
  • Permanent residents who have not met the residency obligation can appeal the findings.

Appeal Is an Optionsponsorship immigration

Under humanitarian grounds, permanent residents or foreign nationals can appeal to a tribunal in order to restore their permanent resident status. A Sponsorship Immigration lawyer can help clients by assessing the situation and advising the best path that can be taken in order to defend the case.

Sponsorship Immigration lawyer can help clients to apply for an appeal within 30 days of the order being issued. The immigration lawyer can help clients to appeal before the Immigration Division (ID) based on errors in law or on compassionate grounds like hardships or separation from the family.

How Can The Lawyers Help You?

The immigration lawyers can help clients in appealing their revocation order. They will evaluate the case by ensuring that you are receiving fair trial and not wrongfully revoked. They can say you the options available for your case. They can come out with a strong strategy, during appeals in front of the immigration officer, which will help clients to defend their case. When a person does not appeals a decision correctly, the application can get denied. Hiring an attorney can help in getting right advice for appeals.

A right immigration lawyer can help clients to appeal for revoke of status and gain their rights back and permanent residency status.

Sponsoring Families with the Help of Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer

One of the important elements of Canadian immigration system is family reunification. Family is important and it can be very tough when you get separated from your loved ones.

Family Class Sponsorship

Under the Family Class Sponsorship program, the Canadian government helps to bring families together. In fact, it even gives top-most priority to the procession of sponsorship applications.

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There are many options available for the citizen or a permanent resident of Canada to sponsor their families or relatives and help them to bring them to Canada. Through Family Class Sponsorship, family members can also gain permanent residency.

So if you have made up your mind to apply for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in order to bring your family members to Canada, you will need to keep a lot of facts in your mind. For example, you can sponsor spouse, dependent children, conjugal partner, adopted children, parents, and grandparents. They will also need to prove that they will be able to financially support the family members and so on.

Requirements of a Sponsor

  • A sponsor needs to prove that he/she can financially support the family members.
  • The sponsor must enter into an agreement with the Canadian government and the sponsored relative where the sponsor should agree to support the family member for certain period.
  • Sponsor must be 18 years of old.
  • Sponsor should not be a bankrupt.

Legal Help Is Necessary

Although the government prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications, a slight error can lead to refusal of the application. Thus, in order to reap the best benefits of it, taking legal help is mandatory.

How A Lawyer Can Help?  sponsorship immigration lawyer

Hiring an experienced sponsorship immigration lawyer in Canada can help clients to walk through the complicated process of gaining permanent residency for the family members. They can help clients in submitting applications to the CIC. They will ensure that the form you have provided on behalf of your spouse, parents, grandparents, etc are processed quickly.

Many people who try to fill an application may leave out important details or documents. This might result in the application getting returned or rejected. Resubmitting applications because of errors often slows down the immigration process. This is where immigration lawyers can be very helpful. They will try to make immigration to Canada very easy and error free.

Ways in Which Immigration Lawyer Reunites Families

Immigration lawyers can help clients to navigate the process of navigation and family sponsorships so that you can get reunited with your family members within a short span of time. The immigration lawyer will try to prove that the individual/ family member who is being sponsored for a permanent resident visa is a member of the family class as it has been defined by the Canadian government.

Sometimes filling the application is very easy. However, some glitches can come in their way, such as medical issues. A skilled immigration lawyer can easily guide clients during the medical process and ensure that a quick outcome is achieved.

If you want to bring your family to Canada, it would be advisable to take the help of an immigration lawyer who has experience in dealing with family sponsorship applications.

Why you should hire a personal injury lawyer

292Car accidents are one of the most traumatic experiences one can face in their life.  personal injury law focuses especially on car accident cases and always strives to help individuals recover from this traumatic experience. Most often it’s the mistake of the opposing driver who may be concentrating on texting their loved ones or speaking on the phones. This careless attitude of driving endangers the lifestyles of people in many ways and perhaps even lead to death. Besides the actual pain, other side-effects of car incidents are probable loss in earnings for a distinct period. The person may not be able to move due to severe injuries and medical conditions sustained by the injury. Contact of an injury lawyer Toronto,  as soon as you get involved in a car accident and they will get you the claim you deserve and also take care of your legal obligations while you focus on recovering your health quickly.

Dealing with Insurance companies is one of the biggest hindrance people injured in automobile accidents experience. They know the aftermath of an accident is very unfortunate and every person needs financial support to pay off all the expenses associated with it. If you tend to file your own insurance papers, chances are you won’t get the right return plus your insurance will be increased exponentially. Contact the best personal injury law representation and let us handle all your paper work. They will get you the right amount of insurance to cover all your expenses. There could be a case of liability at stake if the victim claims the driver was at fault. Do not worry because all lawyers are experienced in these scenarios and they know exactly how to tackle the issue.

So if you are involved in a motor accident firstly, you will need emergency support. The next you should do is contact injury law before making any statements. They will take of your legal matters while you can focus on your health. It is their job to get the claim to cover all your expenses. Call the best personal injury lawyer as soon as you possibly can.


Criminal lawyer Toronto – Safeguard your rights

When it concerns finding the best legal representation, you cannot go wrong by employing an experienced Criminal lawyer Toronto. You need the best representation for your case in the court for a higher chance of winning. Don’t just count on the facts in the event. You are going to need representation to showcase the best image possible to clear your name.

Fighting the legal system in an effort to announce your innocence can be a difficult activity. The prosecution that is creating a situation against is going to use everything in their disposal to obtain a responsible decision. While you could not necessarily be completely innocent, there is no reason for you to surrender and leave on your own at the grace of the prosecution. No matter what has actually taken place to land you right into the scenario you are currently in. All that matters is that you work with a good team of criminal legal representatives to clear your name.

Comprehensive and effective handling of your criminal case

Criminal defense lawyers are proficient with the legislation of the criminal laws in Toronto, as well as can effectively represent your situation.  It is thus vital to hire a criminal lawyer as most of the times need you will not know what the next thing to do in such scenario.

Efficient pre-trial representation1000

Getting the help of a defense lawyer throughout the pre-trial process of your case can be the most astute decision you could possibly ever make. This is normally the period when the authorities and prosecution carry out investigations to comprehensively establish your guilt. Our skilled criminal defense attorney will certainly take his/her time to trainer you on the best ways to perform yourself when smoked by them, which enables you to avoid seriously implicating yourself.

On the other hand, such a professional could open proceedings making the law court nullify your case on the stamina of inconclusive evidence or sometimes, deceitful conduct of the prosecution team.

In addition, should you be guilty, Toronto criminal attorney can initiate an appropriate plea bargain with the prosecution. This can substantially land you a lenient sentence aside from the lawful punishment you would have gotten. Call now to book your consultation.